Overhead lights have come a long, long way since the days of iron chandeliers lit by candles and, more recently, the dreaded dome lighting of the mid-20th century — perhaps the only element of the 1950s and 60s not to have survived its way into the current trend of midcentury modern design.  Today’s hanging appliances are inventive and arresting, environmentally conscious and creative.  From the colorblocked pendants crafted from recycled wine bottles by Jerry Kott to the rather literal medusae installations imagined by Roxyrussell, this collection sheds new light on what it means to flood a room with gorgeous illumination from a show-stopping source.

Down From Above: 10 Gorgeous Hanging Lights

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white hive pendant light



DIY hanging lights



french globe hanging lights



wooden pendant lamps



abstract hanging glass lights



medusa pendant lamps



modern antler hanging light



natural fiber hanging lamp



upcycled wine bottle lights


Recycled wine bottle colorblock lights found at Jerry Kott Online.