Double and Single Drawer Dishwashers from Fisher & Paykel 1
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For many years the dishwasher industry has adhered to the standard drop down single door design that has worked well, of coarse there was nothing to compare it to. Fisher & Paykel have revolutionized the dishwasher design with their single and double drawer designs that allow for taller capacity as well as a true double stacking option. Among the features included are a flow through detergent dispenser, flexible rack system, folding tines, and child locks. Each drawer is independently operated, allowing you to wash small loads as economically as large ones. DishDrawer lets you match the wash program to the contents, so dishes are better cared for. Read more about the capacity and water and energy saving features included on the Fisher & Paykel double and single drawer dishwashers here. Model DD24DCX6 Shown

Double and Single Drawer Dishwashers from Fisher & Paykel