If you are rolling in millions (how I envy thee) then it makes sense to safeguard all your assets. German based luxury safe maker, Döttling needs no introduction to the billionaires and millionaires of the world. Renowned for manufacturing impenetrable luxurious safes and vaults, the company updated their catalogue by launching the Döttling Skeleton safe. The Döttling Skeleton is no ordinary safe and is actually a restoration project since the original safe belonged to the Emperor Wilhelm II era and is around 120 years old! The $341,326 project highlights Prussian forged art and is being restored for a undisclosed US based client. To keep away miscreants and thieves, this bespoke masterpiece features a double-walled Silatec bulletproof glass and the 15 watch-winders featured inside are no coincidence since the client wants to show off his watch collection!