Don’t you just love it when your kid’s bring home their art and crafts from school and for a week or so that art gets displayed on the refrigerator then in a drawer, never to be seen again.  Then the same process repeats itself again in two weeks.  So how about stopping the cycle and showing that work in a pleasing manner that will enhance your home decor.  Whether you want to show off your child’s recent crafts or you have heirloom pieces you cherish, here are tips on how to display your kids’ creations in your home.

How to Display Your Kids’ Artwork in Your Home

Select which items and where to put it:

Remember just like anything, the colors composition and aesthetics of your kids’ designs should be considered.  Not everything will be used, so final selection will have to come into play.  Before you choose take a look around and survey your home to see where the artwork will best be placed and harmonize with the rest of the ambiance.  Places like doors, walls, or other features would be great for their work.  Keep in mind that you don’t want to have it contrasting with other accents in the home and you want to hang them high enough that the kid’s won’t be able to tamper with them.

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Display Your Kids' Artwork

Image via: Emily A. Clark 

Create unity in the display:

Most of the items created by children is very different from one to the other.  From the size to colors, from comprehension to composition the artwork will differ depending on the child; this rule goes especially if you have more than one child.  In order for there to be some sort of order, try to pick a unifying theme for the pieces.  Perhaps, making the artworks all the same size or having the same color for the framing; ways like this force the display to fuse together to make it more of a gallery setting within your home.


Displaying kids artwork ideas

Image via: Ninainvorm

Consider designing around the display

After you have made the selections of the artwork you would like to display and the areas where you would like to display them, have the elements of the artwork tie be the foundation to the design of the space.  So if the kiddies have a room or area that is designated for them then have the colors from the art be the colors for the area.  Or hang their artwork work near their play furniture therefore separating their areas from yours yet complimenting both styles working within the area.


Displaying kids artwork cabinetry

Image via: Intimate Living Interiors

Have what your kid’s do be décor for your home.  You can do the normal hang on the refrigerator and then put in a drawer routine.  But why not take something that was meant to be displayed and seen actually make them displayed and seen.  It can be as creative and sophisticated as you and your kids would like to make it.  And most importantly your children will love it and you will enjoy how it will add wonderful personal touches to your home.