contemporary dining table by dk3
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Expandable furniture is an intricate merge of functionality, technology, and style.  In particular, an extendable table that allows you to tastefully host your visitors is the essence of modernity. It can transform an intimate lunch for four into a vibrant dinner for many. The Extensive Table by dk3 is a highly utilitarian piece that is masterfully infused with a simplistic elegance characteristic of Scandinavian design. Whether used in a formal or informal dining room, it will make a bold statement and complement the overall interior design.


Dine in Style with the Extensive Table by dk3

extensive table in walnut


When it comes to interior décor, the combination of wood and modern design notions is all too rare. The soft, earthy essence of wood is often perceived to collide with clean-cut modern lines. However, in designing the Extensive Table for dk3, designers Kristoffersen, Søndergaard & Plejdrup created a solid wood table that still espouses the archetypal clean modernist lines. Beech heartwood, oak, wild oak, and walnut are the different wood options used to construct this stunning piece.


Extensive Table by dk3


The top of the Extensive Table is designed to be folded and expanded with ease. The use of subtle hardware allows it to expand and collapse in an almost effortless mechanical motion. The result is a visually appealing combination of style and thoughtful technology. Extensive embodies more complexity than the regular dining table. If you are looking for a way to gracefully extend your dining space while maintaining the joy of eating together, this table will tastefully serve that purpose.

Which choice of wood will complement your interiors? Oak, walnut, or beech heartwood?