Furniture Fashion received a recent submission by Kristoffer Kjaer of a new bench. As I looked at the bench I investigated further to see what other pieces he has created. I am a fan of Danish furniture designs so I was excited to see examples of his work. I have included a brief biography that Kristoffer sent me so you can get an insight into this young designer.


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Danish Sofa

When Kristoffer Kjaer first exhibited at the Furniture Fair at the Bella Center in Copenha-gen two years ago, it was in the fair’s talent zone – among the ranks of the up-and-coming. He attracted attention with a sofa that seems to hover over the ground thanks to a frame design which makes the seating element itself hang effortlessly between the side sections.
“I wanted to design a completely different sofa, and it was such a success that it has developed into the Hover Collection, a complete range of chairs, tables, sofas and benches which all build on the same basic design,” says Kristoffer Kjaer.
Since his debut at the Furniture Fair, he has been concentrating on his Hover Bench, which has sparked interest around the world as both a modern and timeless expression of the classic bench. “The Hover Bench is both a luxurious piece of furniture and a unique piece of design with a sustainable history,” says Kristoffer Kjaer. “The vertically positioned lamellae which form the seat of the bench, all originate from old Dutch colony houses in Indonesia. They are cut from century-old teak trunks that have been sawn up and treated with oil. The old teak wood has a glow and a character in the growth ring which makes the piece of furniture something quite exceptional.”

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