Here are some amazing pictures featuring kitchens made by Dada. This series is called “Vela Quadra” created by designer, Ferrucio Laviani. One feature I like is the great flexibility within the designs. First off, there are a many different colors to choose from to shape your kitchen colors to match the theme of your house. Also, there is a multitude of design options. Just from the kitchen pictures alone you can see the different islands, cabinetry, shape, and thickness of the design elements. I do like the approach by Dada since you can shape the look you want while building something that fits your family’s needs.

Kitchens by Dada

oak kitchen

Vela Quadra Kitchen Ferrucio Laviani

Contemporary Kitchen by Dada

custom kitchen cabinetry

Dada Kitchens

Kitchen Cabinets in light colors

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