Furniture Fashion recently received this submission featuring a custom Louisiana house located on a lake featuring cypress and swamp geography native to the state. When I first opened the email I was thinking “Bon Temps, Louisiana” as I have been reading the Southern Vampire series novels and following True Blood on HBO. Anyway, we know that Bon Temps is a fictional town so forget that notion.
This project was created by architect Mike McSwain of Shreveport. One of the highlights he pointed out is the simple fact that this type of house is in Louisiana and not in California for example. The house features an amazing home theatre room where not only can movies be viewed, but it has a full studio for making movies. I cannot be certain on the home owners since that information is private, but it may well be some one from the film industry.

Louisiana Swamp Home
home bar and sitting area
Media Room Home Theatre

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Back of House
billiards room
Curb Appeal
Dining Area and lighting
home office design
Kitchen Pictures
Living Room Furnishings
Bon Temps Louisiana
Master Bedroom