Creative Ways to Store Firewood in Your Interiors

The cooler weather has started to set in and your storing firewood can often be an afterthought. Now we all know that during this time of the season we have the beautiful change in the atmosphere and in the weather from warm to cooler temperatures.  So outdoor fire pits, fireplaces, and portable fireplaces are essential uses for our lives; only what should we do with all the excess firewood for the fireplace?  You can always put it in stacks next to the fireplace and let be it however, take a more creative and visual appealing approach by following the these creative tips to store firewood in your interiors.


Creative Ways to Store Firewood in Your Interiors

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Use an architectural area near the fireplace:

Some creative options that designers have used in the past for storing firewood were decorative wrought iron or wooden racks for the house wood.  However, recently designers have been using the architectural features around the fireplace for storing the firewood that would be aesthetically pleasing and efficient.  Check around your fireplaces for niches or alcoves usually above or on the sides of the fireplace.  This approach will help to keep your fireplace as the focal point of the room.  You can also build your own storage place around the fireplace just make sure you get the proper measurements of each firewood so that they will be evenly set.


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Harmonize the style of your firewood storage with your fireplace:

With some many new and different ways on how to store firewood and style your fireplace, take those perspectives and use them for the designs of the firewood storage area.  Now if you have an open fireplace within your home then keep your storage area near or connected to it.  For fireplaces that stand free then check out websites and local artisans for ideas about the storage area.  Contact a contractor or architect to see if they can build a firewood storage area if you intend on building a home.  The possibilities are endless.


kitchen fireplace storage

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Use the outdoors for overage storage:

Luckily, outdoor firewood storage places have made major strides so you do not have to just have it in stacks outside while having them get wet.  One great functional and amazing idea that some have used which helped to keep the firewood dry and well-kept is by storing it underneath a seating bench.  You can choose to build it yourself use materials like concrete, pavers, wood or brick to make certain that the area will maintain dry.  Also, set it so that it will be in a convenient location like close to the porch or patio area or even the garage portion.  Fire pits and outdoor fireplace areas can be tastefully designed and successful as well!

You do not have go another year with having to do the usual with your firewood and have your fireplace looking empty and uninviting.  Be creative and let your personal style help you make your home more useful and pleasing for you and your family to enjoy.  So take a look above and let these creative tips help you in designing your firewood storage areas.

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