It is amazing when we all get to experience the seasons change and create an entirely new atmosphere.  Each season invites its own wonders for everyone to enjoy.  Yet, even with the enjoyment of it all there are a few downsides such as with winter there will be a bitter cold front and fire is a great necessity.  So when the fires have been made and all is said and done, where are you going to store the firewood?  You could do the usual and leave it by the fireplace but let’s think out of the box and take a look below on how we can be a bit more creative with the storage place for the firewood.


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Display Your Firewood

Image via: The Construction Zone, Ltd.

Creative Ways to Display Your Firewood this Winter


Think outside of the box:

Typically, you would want to keep the firewood next to the place where you would be setting up the fire, by the fireplace.  But there are many new and creative ways that you can display your firewood without it having to be uninspiring and dull.  Decorative wrought iron or wooden racks are great for the indoor fireplaces, also look around your fireplace for niches and alcoves that can be on the sides or above the fireplace.  This will help to keep the fireplace as the focal point of the space.


Match up the style with the storage:

Fortunately, fireplaces have come a long way from being just another opening in a wall to artistic touches that enhance a home’s interiors and you want to have the make-up of the storage area match up with the style of the fireplace.  If your fireplace is indoors then have the storage area locate around it.  If the fireplace is free standing then visit local artisans and websites to get more possibilities.  Perhaps, you might be building a home then contact a contractor or architect to see if they can build a firewood storage area.


storing firewood outdoors

Image via: Sandvold Blanda Architecture + Interiors LLC

Creative ways to store firewood outdoors:

Outdoor fireplaces have made tremendous leaps in architecture, so you won’t have to just stack the wood and leave it to get wet outside.   One great way that has been used to store firewood and keep it dry is by storing the firewood underneath a seating bench.  Or you can always build an outdoor firewood storage area with materials like pavers, concrete, different woods or bricks so that it too will keep the firewood dry.  Also location is key; so set it in a somewhere that will be convenient and close like the patio, porch or portion of the garage areas.


storing firewood indoors

Image via: Capoferro Design Build Group

Firewood is essential but you don’t have to let it be displayed in a mundane and uninviting manner around your fireplace.  There are plethora of ways to make your firewood storage more creative and motivating ways, that will be much more effective and beautiful for you and your family to enjoy so take a look above as the ways to store your firewood for this winter.