In high school, there was an art to the perfect lock spin; we all knew exactly how much muscle to put into each right-left-right combination in order to make the most of every precious second between classes.  These days, we may still be packing too many commitments into any given day, but at least we no longer live and die by the tardy bell or get sent to the principal’s office when we show up late.  To remind us how far we’ve come, Red — a central Texas purveyor of modern lines and vintage finds — offers repurposed school Retro Varsity Lockers painted in industrial grey.  They’re a perfectly quirky storage solution for linens, arts & crafts, coats & boots or can even act as a pantry in a loft with a small kitchen. 15″dia x 36″w x 78″h. $525.

Creative Storage Solution: Retro Varsity Lockers

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