Many houses come with some sort of attic space; these vary in size and shape depending on the building. The tragic thing about the humble attic is that the majority of them remain unused apart from being the home for old boxes and memories. However as you clearly see from these images, the attic or roof space, can be easily utilized into a valuable space, it could become another bedroom, study or if there is enough space another sitting room. The great thing about the attic is that it is already there and with a minimum of expense, a wonderful area can be created at the top of the house, image just how peaceful it could be having a whole floor converted into just one room. Of course, there are some barriers it’s not all good news! Such as, making sure all of the building regulations are covered and then there is the cost, depending on the condition of the attic space before conversion takes place. However, if after all of that you end up with a room like those in the images, wouldn’t it have been worth it?

remodeled attic spaces and rooms
attic spaces
converted attic rooms
attic rooms