With the Mitosi sectional from Vioski, you can design more than just a configuration for a sofa group.  You truly create the space in which you want to live, play, talk, and relax.  The Mitosi is a lifestyle collection that is made for more than just sitting; it’s made for living.  Each piece is a stand-alone option, designed as a low profile island that rests directly on the ground to define its own space within a room.


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Mitosi Sectional by Vioski

large sectional sofas


These polygonal pieces of the Mitosi Sectional by Vioski allow you to sit on the cushion, recline against the angled backrests, or even sit on the floor and interact in a casual way perfect for large groups of friends.  For open spaces, combine up to five different sections to create an entire environment for lounging and interacting with endless ways to sit and recline.  The solid presence of each Mitosi element fosters an inviting, stable environment where kids and adults can live, work, and play.


versatile sectional sofa

living room furniture design


Durable and comfortable, the Mitosi sectional will instantly become an indispensable part of how you interact with your home on a daily basis.  The living room will truly transform into the center of your home where almost all your activities can take place in one casual yet modern environment.  Whether it is a single grounded island of reclining comfort or a group of freeform pieces, the Mitosi can accommodate the people and events in your lifestyle.  Why settle for a sectional when you can bring harmony, design, and endless flexibility to your living room?