Cozy, Contemporary Wooden Beds

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Even if you’re inspired by super chic spaces and modern touches, that doesn’t mean you don’t need or want a cozy, comfortable side somewhere in your home. And what better way to include that comfort than in your bedroom? With a wooden bed, you not only get a welcoming, homey vibe but you can mesh it with some contemporary styles too. Let’s take a peek!


Modern Wooden Bed

 Although this low-to-the-ground, modern-edged bed has a rustic, down-home feel, it’s also got the right shape to fit the theme of the room. Contemporary in spirit but cozy in design, we love this entire room and how it mixes the right colors and lines creating an incredibly complimentary atmosphere.

hardwood furniture design

This entire bedroom has a laid-back hipster vibe that’s very much trending, in-the-now and stylish. The wooden headboard makes for a smooth finish but natural, beautiful accent. Don’t you think? We love how the headboard pops right off the wall giving it texture and eye-catching interest.

wooden bedroom collection

We are loving how this gorgeous room comes together. It makes for a clean, refreshing space. The wooden bed is not only welcoming and comforting, but it blends right into the smooth floor, as does the linens with the walls. The room is mixed in a way that speaks in a “come hither” sort of style.

natural walls design


Dip this room in black and white and you’ve got the quintessential modern bedroom. But with a little bit of wood, things get a bit more interesting and touchable. And that’s why we love it. Not only is this room contemporary and fresh, but it’s warm and welcoming, which is exactly what a bedroom should be.

contemporary design ideas

This space is sheer perfection for someone who wants to create a luxurious, cozy escape. The subtle hues and rainy-day aspects are inspiration and comfortable. The wooden beds adds to the saturation and welcoming tones. Although this room doesn’t scream normal contemporary style, it does have a trendy, fashion-forward air about the area.

all photos via Houzz

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