Furniture Fashion recently heard from Alno about some of its new kitchen cabinet designs that feature a transitional to contemporary design style. ALNOPLAN: Thoroughly uncomplicated, ALNOPLAN features a smooth surface with direct coating available with continuous stainless steel or thick edge design. It also features convenient storage space, which works double duty as a seat.

ALNOLOOK-270000 transitional kitchens

ALNOLOOK: A timeless contemporary kitchen that is low-maintenance and practical. Doors are slightly rounded on all sides for added style and softness. An additional feature to this collection, the ALNO Shelf Framework System gives the look of an open-space kitchen while accommodating extra storage and worktop surface needs.

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ALNOSQUARE-1100 kitchen pantry cabinets
ALNOSQUARE oak cabinets

ALNOSQUARE: Go stylish with oak. The doors feature extra-wide frames and veneered infill panels for a contemporary interpretation of the classic wood look. The surfaces are sealed with an eco-friendly lacquer. Furthermore, wall units with upward-folding doors provide more storage space without restricting headroom. They can be opened and closed gently thanks to modern fitting and damping technology. Learn more about Alno kitchens on their website.