In one simple shape, Capo D’opera managed to capture everything that contemporary design embodies in the 21st century.  Chic, smooth, flowing, and geometric, the Quadro cabinet is a luxury piece loaded with understated elegance and basic practicality.  A simple square front serves as the basis for an endless range of size options, from small hallway accent pieces to elongated sideboards to monolithic cabinets that take center stage in a room.


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Quadro Cabinet by Capo D'opera

Cabinet design by Capo D'opera


Regardless of the dimensions, the Quadro cabinet’s doors are layered with a repeating pattern of smaller squares to create texture and depth for a visually arresting piece composed only of squares within squares.  Set on different planes so that some stand out and some recede, the squares form new and subtle patterns based on their surface depth.  It may only have one shape, but the Quadro’s unmistakably presence commands a room with its gravity and boldness.


glossy cabinet design

golden livingroom cabinet designs


Not only can you customize the size of the Quadro Cabinet by Capo D’opera to fit your space, but every piece is also offered in a variety of custom colors, from crisp white to metallic gold, to put the finishing touch on the atmosphere of your room.  Formal and elegant or casual and bright, the Quadro cabinet will offer convenient storage in any environment thanks to its flexibility.  Behind the doors, ample storage space with separate drawers can hold everything from dinnerware to DVD’s.  How will you make the Quadro cabinet your own, both inside and out?