Contemporary Canary Colored Accent Chairs

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Bright and vivacious. Powerful and deliciously happy. Yellow is a color that makes everything a little more youthful and when used right, a little more sleek. It’s a sharp color that bodes well with modern styles and chic flair. So, if you’re looking for the most perfect piece to fill that dull, barren nook or cranny around the house, why not find a canary-colored accent chair to finish the space off? We’ve compiled some amazing canary colored accent chairs to provide you the right kind of yellowing, contemporary inspiration … take a look!


 Yellow LexMod Insect Side Chair – $79 from


This chair is easy and extremely versatile. Fit it in the foyer next to a small table topped with fresh florals in a chic vase. Or, create a small reading corner in the breakfast nook using this sleek yellow piece. How amazing would this chair look in a black, white and stainless kitchen?


Yellow Lexmod Accent Chair

Chester Arm Chair  – $599 from West Elm 

Although it looks quite comfy and cozy, it’s also the perfect little posh piece for the corner of the living room or even in your home office! Add a gray, sweater blanket for an extra cozy appeal, but don’t worry the bones and shape of this chair will fit right into your modern scheme.

Chester Arm Accent Chair

Arne Jacobsen Egg Chair – $6.941 via Stardust

Amazing right? This piece would stand out in your studio apartment or be the missing bit of your movie room. Add pillows or blankets, but no matter what you do this egg chair is not only comfortable and a luxury piece but it’s doubles as art for the house!

Arne Jacobsen Egg Accent Chair

Trioli Chair – $388 via Fab 

In the corner of the dining room or in a gathering area of the house, this small and bright accent chair is just plain fun. The design is edgy and very straight-forward and bodes well all around the house. Do you have a small writing desk in your bedroom that needs a little something to make it snazzy, try this!

trioli accent chair

 Swivel Arm Chair – $428 via Accent Chairs Direct

There’s no other way to show this piece off then to set it right in the area that will be viewed the most. Whether that’s the den or living room, accent the space with this wonderful chair! It moves, it’s comfy but it’s incredible stylish and fashion-forward too. Our suggestion? Make it the only bit of yellow in the entire room.

Swivel Arm Accent Chair

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