Commemorate Your Favorite City with Destination Art

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For local-culture enthusiasts who absolutely adore the cities in which they live, or for those who simply miss their old hometown, Jaded Bliss completely customizes its destination-based wall art to include special landmarks, streets, local gems, and any other quintessential element of a particular locale.  Though the concept started as an Austin, Texas-based project, each piece of art can be created completely to order, with up to 50 destinations within any city and a background awash in any color under the sun (literally, as the acrylic paints used on each are hand-mixed).  Letters are hand-applied over the acrylic on custom wood frames and distressed with newsprint, and each piece comes with low-profile picture hangers for easy display.  Proofs are available prior to actual application so you can enjoy the perfect representation of the city that holds your heart.  48” high x 24” wide x 2” deep. $395.destination art

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