5 Decorative Examples of Contemporary Patio Chairs

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If you’re looking to create a patio or front porch that doesn’t have the typical cottage, country style, you’ve come to the right place. From modern edges to classic styles, we love to help infuse a sense of contemporary fashion into your home. And today, we’ve rounded up some beautiful and colorful examples of the perfect patio chair for your outdoor escape. Take a look at our picks for the most stylish of contemporary patio chairs!  These accents can provide seating and design flare to your outdoor space for family and guests.




5 Decorative Examples of Contemporary Patio Chairs

Although this outdoor space has a lot of natural, organic elements, the pops of smooth color and chandelier give it that modern edge you need when creating a contemporary, fashion-forward home. We also love the colorblocking essence that’s set at the table, don’t you?

colored outdoor accent chairs

We love how this patio has such an Aztec-inspired creativity out it. The pops of colorful patio chairs give it a sunny, youthful edge too. With such a trending design-theme, this space certainly fits right into the contemporary, fashion-forward thinking of our readers.

fiberglass outdoor furniture

If you’re looking for something super modern and super chic, look no further for inspiration. Coming in a variety of colors, these futuristic looking chairs will certainly amp of the contemporary air around your home. They almost look like pieces of art hanging around your lawn!

Contemporary Patio Chairs

We love the fun flavor that’s happening on this porch. The colored cement tiles are such a fun idea, but it’s the chairs that create that extra bit of style. The netting allows for an outdoor vibe while the color and shape give it a modern, edgy feel.

purple garden furnishings

Beautiful with a bout of girlish charm, these chairs will transform your porch or patio in no time. This popping shade of pink has a certain chic, playful edge that makes for an easy transition into contemporary style. Again, the netted design makes for a more organic, outdoor feel but the details and colors push it into a modern genre.

all photos via Houzz, Trendir, Ranario, DIY Network

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