Mobiles.  Tablets.  Laptops.  We all know what they have in common: they’re portable, they require electricity, more often than not, and they all use USB connections. With the concept of connecting people to their work, their lives and their world, US based company Knoll brings us an ingenious solution for ‘casual collaboration’ embedded in a stunning minimalist design: the Power Cube.

A clever coffe table: Knoll Power Cube

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The Knoll Power Cube is a clever coffee table – so to speak – with integrated power outlets and USB ports.  Topped with a writeable whiteboard surface this table offers not only a quick access to power but also an effective exchange of ideas.

This Interior Design magazine Award Winning project is available in two sizes with either four electrical outlets, or two USB ports and three electrical outlets.  Its installation is just as simple and functional as its concept: it can be hard-wired to the floor or plugged into an electrical outlet.

As for the aesthetics, you can’t get more combinational than this.  Due to its all-so-white and clean design, the Power Cube can be paired with any color and modern style.  Activity spaces with Jehs+Laub Lounge Chairs, from Knoll’s collection, is just an example of interior fashion combination ideas. “For 75 years Knoll has remained true to the Bauhaus design philosophy that modern furniture should complement architectural space, not compete with it.”  And 75 years of iconic design speak for themselves.

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