Modern Tiles by Walker Zanger
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It’s amazing how taking just one element of a home and updating it — let’s talk tiles, for instance — can give the entire space a dramatic facelift.  While the bones of a house or apartment building might be absolutely fantastic, the wrong tiles, countertops, fixtures and finish-outs can date the structure, decreasing its perceived value even though it really may be a gem.  That’s why we’re so enamored with beautiful modern tiles that have a classic look and feel to them; the decorative and delightful offerings of California-based stone and tile company Walker Zanger are a prime example of what we love so much about great home accents that go a long way toward putting a new face on things.  From their glass and mosaic tiles to their travertine and stone options, there’s a sublime sense of continuity to their collection, playing with color yet somehow maintaining a timeless sense of earthiness and paying attention to long, lean lines without sacrificing a sense of warmth and comfort.  The juxtaposition of so many things into a comprehensive series is what makes this series sing… just like you probably would if you found yourself in a shower surrounded by their handiwork.

Beautiful Modern Tiles by Walker Zanger


modern tile


beautiful glass tile


shimmery glass tile


neutral modern tile


Photo credits: Walker Zanger

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