Taree Sideboard by E1

Any sideboard can have useful storage.  Only the Taree can serve as a symbolic modern artwork at the same time.  The left side of the Taree is lacquered in a completely fragmented jigsaw of monochromatic grays.

The edges of the sideboard are serrated and even separated from the right side as if the fragments are chaotic and falling apart.  As you look further down the sideboard the right, however, you begin to notice a transition.  The color evens out, the right two doors become fully connected, and eventually even the choppy sides smooth out.

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Taree Sideboard by E1 + E4

Fragmented storage ideas


The right side of the cabinet is even, streamlined, and has the solidity of a block of concrete.  Two gray doors without hardware open on the right side to reveal a roomy compartment with a shelf.

The Taree sideboard by E1 + E4 is made from lacquered MDF and oak wood. The warm, natural wood tones contrast with the flat gray lacquer on the front panels.  Designer Terezie Simonova visualized a study in opposites when she created the storage unit.


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The opposing ends of the spectrum of life are represented by the stability of one side and the chaotic breakdown of the other.  The contrasting colors and textures highlight the extreme differences Simonova imbued into her work.

When you look at the Taree sideboard, you don’t just see a storage unit.  You see a work of art that carries meaning and symbolism wherever you use it. How will the Taree sideboard fit perfectly in your interiors?