When you think of a basic chair, its function is fairly straightforward.  Vioski is taking new strides to innovate how you think of a chair with the Fratelli Chair system.  No longer is a chair a single unit just for sitting upright.  The seats are a complete experience designed to serve as a part of your entire lifestyle.  The basic foundation each chair starts with is the low-profile arm and backrest.  Open on the other two sides, the chairs can be joined to form a sofa, or kept separate for individual seats.


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Fratelli Chairs by Vioski

fratelli chairs


The Fratelli Chairs by Vioski are offered in different depths, so you can sit upright or relax and recline in a deeper, lounge-style seat. Each chair is balanced on thin legs for a graceful presence complimented by the sloping arms and slight button tufting details.  The large pillow on each chair will match the upholstery that you choose for streamlined comfort.  The integrated table puts the final touch of functionality on this gorgeous furniture.  The rich wood tones and smooth styling harmonize with the chairs both visually and provide a convenient place for a drink, a book, or a remote.


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The combination of seating options, unified design, and incorporated table are the key features that allow the Fratelli Chairs to be a part of a lifestyle.  They will change the way you think of a chair from sitting at table or in a waiting room to a complete environment to work or play.  How will you use the Fratelli Chairs in your daily lifestyle?