Celsius Modular Refrigerator Offers User Friendly Features 1
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Kitchen appliances are getting smarter because designers are identifying with the user experience and working to overcome adversity and make even the most ordinary products even better than they are. Student designer Angeline Meloche from the University of New South Wales answers the food freshness and placement issue with the Celsius modular refrigerator which is configured by the “user“. The Celsius features a touch-sensitive control panel on the door of each cabinet which includes five temperature presets giving users the ability to store food correctly, maintaining freshness and storage lifetime. Full-extension drawers and pantry-style cabinets allow for optimal space usage with the same footprint as a conventional refrigerator. Other features include custom inserts providing for fruit, vegetables, meat & fish, dairy, bottles, and wine storage, and an LCD screen, which not only helps the user to monitor and locate food items, but also fosters an awareness of correct storage conditions.