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The Carbon Chair is Onur Ozkaya’s masterpiece. It is an avant-garde piece that envelopes you as you sit. It gets its name from carbon fiber, the material used to create it. While designing the chair, Onur Ozkaya explored the structural strength of carbon fiber on a double-curved surface. His challenge was to design a residential chair that provided both spatial and stable qualities without having legs so as to minimize fabrication and material usage. The end product was stunning, a piece that rises from the floor as a single surface. Carbon has a seat and backrest in one curvature.

Soft and rounded, the Carbon Chair by Onur Ozkaya showcases architectural elements while covering you with its form. It has an almost ghostly appearance and a solid, ergonomic design. Unlike traditional armchairs, it fits the contours of your body perfectly and provides a somewhat weightless seating experience. It looks more like a piece of carbon fiber than a chair. It is digitally designed and created using superior 3D modeling and simulation software so as to produce a better curvature quality with structural and ergonomic features. Carbon has a glossy coat that gives it a distinctive shine.

The market nowadays is filled with post-modern chairs with a minimalistic aesthetic that focuses more on not drawing attention. Carbon is totally different. It can be used as an accent piece or as a full-on focal point that casts everyone under its spell. Don’t you think the Carbon Chair will make a lovely accent piece?