In case you’re going to ditch your old car that’s beyond hope when it comes to getting it back into shape then better think twice before sending it to the scrap yard. In fact, your unsalvageable vintage car (although you really should look harder for the right person to save it as a car before you try this) could be turned into your next couch, or better said, Car-Couch. Now the Car-Couch hybrids uses a bunch of car parts, and the general effect is outrageous, not to mention it will never use any gas whatsoever. The car lover in you will certainly appreciate the effort, and speaking of such effort, you must know that the Car-Couch will take about 400 to 500 hours to make. That means you’ll pay a lot of money for transforming the car into a couch. It kind of makes you consider paying the same sum, or even less, trying to fix it and use it as a car instead of a couch.

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