Looking for something stylish and practical to throw your garbage in? The Butler Bin from Jangir Maddadi is an excellent choice. It will make cleaning up an easy task and add an elegant touch to your ordinary setting. The piece was created with the intention of showing people that waste bins could be beautiful, that they could be part and parcel of the furniture pieces that serve commercial and residential spaces with dignity and grace. It looks stunning in any setting and encourages people to use it. It has clean, simple lines which make it appealing in any space. Butler can be used in offices, residential homes, hotels, restaurants, and cafes.


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Butler Bin from Jangir Maddadi

 trash receptacle


Made with a fiberglass shell that features a small round opening, the Butler bin from Jangir Maddadi is truly stunning. Its opening prompts people to think about the amount and size of their waste before they throw it. The piece has a simple design and is very easy to empty. You can remove trash bags simply by rotating its shell. If you like its design, get many pieces and use some as flower pots. When turned upside down, Butler has a hollow interior you can use to grow your favorite plants or flowers.


Butler designer waste bin collection

fiberglass contemporary bin design


This modern bin discourages people from littering and desecrating beautiful spaces. It is beautifully minimalist in form and is lovely to look at. It is a civilized solution to keeping your space neat and organized. Would you use Butler as a trash bin or as a planter?