There are fireplaces, and then there are brilliant fireplaces.  With summer finally turning to fall and the temperatures on the verge of plummeting into autumnal winds, we’ve decided to feature one of our favorite fireplace makers, rounding up not our usual ten, but fifteen of their stunning designs.  They tell the story of their brand, appropriately enough, campfire style: “It started with a simple bonfire in the heart of the Australian continent, under the red Ayers Rock. Two tourists, Alfred Weilandt and Jerry Dabrowski were sitting by the fire, long into the night, listening to Aboriginal tales about a mythical Epoch of Dreams. The atmosphere created by the flames inspired the two to find an easy way to have the same fire in contemporary interiors.”

They go on to explain their corporate ethos when it comes to fostering creativity: “The busy world of today is full of creative impulses that foster young talents like the designer Maciej Klus or Joanna Leciejewska, to express themselves through design. We are cautious not to limit ourselves and we emphasise the role of development. Thus, it is important for us to remain open to fresh ideas as well as different perspectives, recognising the importance of individuality and personal style.”  And it shows in their stunning works of design, shown here.  So stock up on marshmallows, pull those fur throws out of summer storage and enjoy.

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Images courtesy of Planika Fires.