The Bucefalo Sofa is a useful piece of living room furniture even when you’re not at home, enjoying its comfort. The sofa itself is a great choice for some afternoon reading, but when you’re not really interested in any of your favorite books you’ll be able to deposit them neatly right underneath the whole seating area. That’s right, this sofa doubles as a storage area, and the couch itself is definitely candy for the eye. Coincidentally, just yesterday we showed you a staircase that hides a bookcase and today we have a sofa that can store plenty of books, whenever needed. Which one of these two storage solutions would you choose? If your answer is “An eBook Reader!” then I’ll advise you to check the Bucefalo Sofa instead of the Staircase. It’s a lot more comfortable when it comes to using that eReader.

Bucefalo Sofa 1.jpg
Bucefalo Sofa 2.jpg

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