Britians Dream Home Is a Three Bed Semi

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As a nation, we love to admire other people’s homes and interior designs in order to implement them in our own living space. But what does Britain’s dream home really look like and what are the features we are obsessed with having in our homes?

To find out, Arlo & Jacob have conducted a survey to discover Britain’s dream home, looking at the most popular features, colour schemes, and styles for key rooms. The results show we desire a balance between modern and luxury, with traditional features such as a fireplace and patio doors onto the garden featuring as the most popular, alongside smart appliances to make tasks in the home that bit easier. The survey also reveals how much people would be willing to pay for their dream home.

So what would the nation’s dream home really look like? Take a Look

Here are some of the top things we dream of having:

  • Britain’s dream home is a surprisingly modest 3-bedroom semi-detached house, with 41.79% of people aspiring to this
  • Brit’s are keen to have the latest tech in their homes, with a Smart TV and other smart appliances being a top choice across the dream kitchen, lounge and bedroom
  • The most popular features for Britain’s dream kitchen include a kitchen island, by-folding patio doors onto the garden and a coffee machine, which was preferred over a wine fridge and pantry
  • However, the majority of Brits are actually only willing to pay a maximum of £400,000 for their dream home

The Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home and is one of the most important rooms, not only for us at home, but also for the value of the house, as it is the room that, if refurbished, can increase the value of your home by 6%.

The survey reveals that the key feature Brits want in their dream kitchen is a kitchen island to socialise around, with 42.1% of people wanting this. Kitchen islands are not only very stylish at the moment, but they also allow people to congregate whilst others are going about their daily tasks.

Patio doors leading to the garden and an open-plan kitchen-diner are also some of the most popular dream kitchen choices, which again allows for the kitchen to become a social hub of the home.

Technology is another key feature Brits want in their dream kitchen. 32.3%of people want smart appliances such as a smart fridge, dishwasher and washing machine in their kitchens.

Daily tasks around cooking, going food shopping and putting the washing on could all be made more efficient with the implementation of this equipment, giving Brits more free time to relax.

The Lounge

Entertainment comes out as a top priority when it comes to Britain’s dream lounge, with just over half of Brits wanting a smart TV. These results come as no surprise with the living space being an area for us to relax after a long day at work.

With relaxation being a key activity in the living space, Brits desire an open fire or fireplace (33.54%) and corner sofa (31.49%). This shows that this room, in particular, needs to strike a balance between tech and comfort.

The Bedroom

Privacy and space come out as two important qualities in Britain’s dream bedroom, with the most popular feature being an ensuite with 40.88% wanting this, closely followed by a walking wardrobe and dressing room. These features also come as no surprise with the countless number of films showing luxurious dressing rooms full of a lifetime’s worth of clothes and accessories.

Brits’ dream bedroom results demonstrate the epitome of luxury, with over a third (30.67%) also wanting a balcony.

The Garden

Having a back garden is crucial for the British dream home according to our survey results, with over 40% of Brits wanting one – it is clear that similar to the kitchen, the dream exterior will have great places to socialise in. The most popular garden feature is a BBQ and outdoor cooking area for homeowners to enjoy entertaining guests, with 37.2% of Brits wanting one. A hot tub and swimming pool also came out in the top 5 features Brits want in their garden, which are luxury features we are often used to seeing celebrities have in their own homes.

Interestingly, Brits are also aware of the cost of maintenance of gardens, this is shown by over a quarter of people wanting to have a simple and easy-to-maintain garden. Can we have this as well as the luxury swimming pool we desire so much?

How much is the nation willing to pay for their dream home?

Britain’s dream home would undoubtedly come at a cost, and our results show that Brits are willing to pay a significant, yet not outrageous amount to afford this, with the majority of people surveyed, want to pay no more than £400,000 – it appears Brits want an impressive home, but don’t want to pay the price.

With the average UK house price this year sitting at £226,000, that is a pretty big jump in terms of what Brits can afford. Unfortunately, for those living in London, even £400,000 would not get them very far, with the city’s average house price being £460,000.