You’ve seen the L-shape sofa sectional, with elements that join at a right angle.  You’ve seen the U-shape Sectional Sofa, which looks more like a three-sided box than the letter ‘U’.  Sofa sectionals are always boxy, square, and defined by right angles.  Or are they? The DS-1064 sofa will change everything you ever thought you knew about a sectional.  Designed be Hugo de Ruiter for De Sede, none of the traditional rules apply.

Break Out of the Boring: DS-1064 Sectional Sofa

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There isn’t a single right angle or straight line to be found on the DS-1064 Sectional Sofa; instead, the flowing curves in semi-circles and serpentines evoke the movement and natural patterns of water winding its way downstream.  The organic form is innovative for a sofa and a completely artful element in your broader design scheme. The backrests open up the seating possibilities even more than the form of the sectional.  They rest on De Sede’s patented smooth-sliding system already perfected in models like the DS-165 and the DS-164.  The backrests glide all the way around the perimeter of the sofa without restriction.


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The back can become the front, a side can become a new back to facilitate reclining: the seating positions are as fluid and changeable as the organic form of water suggested by the shape of the DS-1064.  The creativity of the DS-1064 is not just about breaking the mold for a traditional sectional.  Its goal is to discover new and better ways to serve as a comfortable part of your lifestyle.  How will you set up the DS-1064 to fit your life?