I’m fairly confident that if I had the Jane Worthington DS 152 Sofa I would never have to get up again. This sofa / over sized chair is more than big enough to fit two people on it’s unique oval bucket design, and it looks like one of the most comfortable seats you could possibly find with it’s heavily upholstered build. But what’s most appealing about this piece is the two optional side attachments. The DS-152 shows a more playful side of De Sede which is known for extremely high end and very mature contemporary furniture.
You can order the Jane Worthington DS 152 Sofa with a flat-screen monitor so you never have to leave this wonderfully comfortable sofa. Imagine, I could be blogging to you from the comforts of that chair, my laptop gently resting on the side table while watching Ninja Warrior on the attached TV. All it needs is a refrigerator and I’d have little to no reason to ever get up.If you’ve decided that this is the perfect place to spend some real quality time, you can pick it up at any De Sede authorized retailer. 193W 71H 156D cm

de sede jane worthington ds 152  round sofa.jpg

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