Grasstop Dining Table by Haiko Cornelissen Architecten
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Many of us are forced to deal with restrictions these days when it comes to our diets: low-carb, low-fat, gluten-free, and the like.  Although plenty of substitutions and creative workarounds are available — particularly for the most adventurous among us — anything short of total freedom can sort of take away from the simple joys of eating.  But since the power of suggestion is, indeed, powerful, the art of making a meal feel like an event can actually make it taste better.  Enter today’s roundup of unique dining tables; they elevate a simple dinner into an event.  Whether it’s a grass-top creation from Haiko Cornelissen of a work of art suspended atop what appear to be metal ribbons courtesy of Jason Phillips, there’s a table in this series to suit every imagination.  So cheers, and bon appetit.

unique dining tables
Grasstop Dining Table by Haiko Cornelissen Architecten


unique dining table
The Quantum by Jason Phillips


unique dining room tables
Rustic Wood Dining Table by George Nakashima


unique dining room table
Spaghetti Dining Table by Jason Phillips


hanging table
Suspended Dining Table by Bernstein Architects


unique dinner tables
DNA-Inspired Table by Paul Loebach


expandable dinner table
Expandable Dining Table by Poggenpohl


convertible dining table
Expandable Table by Sculptures Jeux


oval dining table
Modern Dining Room Table by Carpanelli


unique wood dining table
Salombe Dining Table by John Lee



Expandable table found at Sculptures Jeux.

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