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The stylish Planet Office Table from Mascheroni is all you need to spruce up your meeting room. It is an Italian-influenced piece that is sure to impress. It is made with top-notch materials and combines excellent durability with elegant lines. The table has a neutral color and coordinates easily with other furniture pieces. It allows people to sit comfortably during long meetings, short meetings, and brainstorming sessions.


Planet Office Table


The large top of the Planet Office Table from Mascheroni works well in a variety of settings. It makes the unit perfect for traditional office environments as well as alternative ones. The top and base have matching elements that create a cohesive look. Planet is made for prestigious meeting rooms and conference halls. It comes with matching chairs and desks to provide a complete environment. It will serve as a workplace, a gathering point, and an aesthetic piece in your boardroom. It perfectly blends style and function and meets the needs of those who gather around it.


office table design


Your boardroom’s overall style and appearance depends heavily on the table you choose. The room is the place where you hold meetings, presentations, meet with clients, and interview job candidates. It must therefore reflect your company in the best light. Make sure it projects a warm, successful image with the Planet Office Table. You will be proud of your choice and brilliantly project your company’s professionalism to both employees and guests. Would you get the Planet Office Table alone or with matching pieces in the collection?