Having just had company over I realize that I could stand to clean my carpet. Invariably, children, wet weather, and foot traffic in general will put dirt into carpet and slowly change its color. The Bissell ProHeat Cleanshot is a vacuum cleaning system that is designed to tackle carpet cleaning. Now, I am just as skeptical as everyone since there are so many systems out there that all claim to work and are rather expensive. The key feature in this system is the heated water. Hot water greatly improves the ability to loosen up dirt while at the same time kills bacteria, mold, and mildew. The system works by heating the water up and then adding the cleaning solution. The mix is sprayed onto the carpet, gone over by brushes, and then picked back up by vacuum suction. I think a big question for any family is how much to spend on these types of products and whether or not to have carpet professionally cleaned every so often. If you prefer not to have any type of solution on the carpet, than you may want to consider investigating steam cleaners which use only steam as their cleaning agent. Price: $299.

Bissell Proheat Cleanshot Carpet Cleaning Vacuum.JPG

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