Is it a mattress, or a bed?  It’s both!  The Big Bed from Varenna Poliform isn’t just a bed, it’s a living space designed for relaxation and comfort.  The concept comes from the creative mind of Paola Navone, who crafted a bed to be its own oasis from the hectic pace of daily life.  Its large frame is entirely covered in overstuffed upholstery, giving it an inviting feel and the look of a giant mattress.  The mattress itself actually sits inside the frame like a normal bed, but the style of this bed is much softer and cozier thanks to all the upholstery.

It sits low to the ground for a casual vibe, and a simple square headboard adds to the laid-back attitude.  There isn’t a more comfortable place to relax after a long day. To add to the lifestyle concept of a comfortable, casual bed, the Big Bed by Varenna Poliform is available with an integrated ledge and nightstand.  Also upholstered, these elements keep the comfortable feel of an overstuffed mattress while allowing you to keep personal items close like a drink or a good book.

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The overall simplicity of the shape of the Big Bed means that it easily adapts to the design of your bedroom, infusing the room with a relaxed quality you’ll appreciate when you climb into bed.  Your bed is for reading, relaxing, sleeping, and re-energizing yourself.  What’s not to love about the comfortable feel and casual style of the Big Bed?

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