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If I close my eyes while I write perhaps I can imagine myself in this beautiful Bermuda home in South Shore. I am not sure what the water color is at the nearest beach to your home, but for me, it is nothing like “Bermuda Blue” as seen in the pictures. This home features a wonderful patio that feeds right into a great pool. Beyond the pool lies the ocean acting as a beacon to draw one’s attention while sitting on the patio. The front part of the home is landscaped in wonderful island style with a stone staircase leading up the entrance. The inside Bermuda home pictures show a place filled out with a great kitchen, dining area, and living room. The floor plan has 3 bedrooms and 3 baths.

Bermuda Home Pictures with Stunning Ocean View
patio view in Bermuda

dining room in white

kitchen with black island
living room ideas
patio fountain
stone staircase
ocean view Bermuda

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