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If you love artwork and sculptures, you’ll love Riddled Buffet by Horm. The contemporary sculpture is converted into a practical and elegant wooden unit by top designer Steven Holl. It showcases strong personality and elegance and is fit for any space.

The sculpture’s design is based upon ongoing research on the effects of wood and light porosity and is is the perfect interpretation of art, daily life, and technological innovation.

It looks just as good in residential spaces as it does in commercial environments.

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Beautifying your Living: Riddled Buffet by Horm

unusual Buffet by Horm


Riddled Buffet by Horm is made from ebony and aluminum and has unique charm and sophistication. The valuable dark wood has a perforated texture which enhances the sculpture’s appeal. The unit is comprised of five 2mm wooden sheets folded in a unique way thanks to a complex technological process. The wooden elements blend excellently to form a faceted container that is bright and light as a diamond. They have doors without hinges and can be folded up like Origami due to a number of shallow incisions made with a laser cutter. The unit’s structure is made from anodized aluminum that is 3 mm thick. Its adjustable legs are also made from anodized aluminum.


Anodized aluminum construction

sideboard design ideas


Riddled Buffet finds its amazing form among the sleek paths of industrial design and architecture. What makes it truly breathtaking is its patented construction process that unlike anything else, dresses these new lines to form an object of distinctive beauty, yet a smart application of innovative ideas.

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