Do you have a cat? What about a dog? Well in case you have your own pet that you love so much, then why not show it by buying them their own little sofa? The Bambu Hammock and the Bambu Lounger are perfect for your cat or dog and they’ll certainly make an impression with your friends. Designed by Corey Drew from Pet Lounge Studios, the hammock and the lounger are made with solid bamboo and ensure that your favorite pet will have a comfortable sleeping area. Now that you’ve seen both models in action you’ll have a tough time choosing between the Bambu Hammock and the Bambo Lounger. I for one would definitely go for the hammock, just to have a couple of laughs watching my dog prepare for sleep every day.

Bambu Hammock and Lounger 2.jpg
Bambu Hammock and Lounger 3.jpg

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