Ananda means “bliss” in the ancient language of Sanskrit and the Ananda domestic spa stays true to its name. Conceptualized by the London based design firm  Doshi Levien for the Italian brand Glass Idromassaggio, the spa system will help even the most jaded soul to achieve spiritual Nirvana. The personal spa highlights the harmonizing interaction of elements like  water, steam, light, materials and space and stays true to the Doshi Levien’s design. The spa features an advance hydro therapy technology and the entire unit is made of components like steam cabinets, wall panels, rain showers and benches. Ananda is an adaptable environment and one can customize every aspect of it to suit their own individual needs. With Ananda, the husband wife team of Doshi Levien bring their Indo-French sensibilities to the forefront and seek to incorporate spa rituals into one’s daily routine.

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