Some aspects of art and culture transcend mere trends that come and go within a short moment of time.  Those elements are the ones that make up everyday life and offer small daily pleasures that contribute to wellbeing and relaxation as well as style and art.  The Amaltea bathroom collection from Baldi is one of those timeless luxuries, crafted by hand from the artisans of Florence, Italy.  The workmanship involved is simply the best, from chiseling, stone cutting, and gilding by hand to expert use of precious metals and stones like 24-carat gold and amethyst.  In fact, the use of such precious materials truly is timeless: they have been popular in Italy since the Renaissance and the rise of the Medici family to power in Florence.


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Amaltea Bathroom Collection by Baldi

Italian inspired bathroom


There is no substitute for the decadent materials and stunning craftsmanship found in each piece of the Amaltea bathroom collection by Baldi whether it is a cavernous tub or a delicate soap dish.  You can create a bathroom that exceeds your wildest dreams thanks to Baldi’s beautiful range of stone and intricate details that supersede all passing trends to stand as unique works of art in your home.


stone inspired bathroom design

relaxing bathroom accessories



The Amaltea bathroom collection is not only the ultimate escape from the hectic pace of life; it is a handcrafted work of art that will stand the test of time for years to come.  When you imagine the luxury of the storied Medici family, can you see how the design of Amaltea bathroom collection was and still is timelessly gorgeous?