Airplane Inspired Cargo Bed By MotoArt 1
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Aviators or anyone who fancies themselves belonging to the Mile High club will appreciate the clever styling of the C-124 Cargo Bed. A brainchild of MotoArt (the same folks behind the Jet Set Executive Desk and G2 GulfStream Desk, the bed will make all your aviation fantasies come true. The C-124 Cargo Bed has been constructed out from two authentic cargo floors and the design will resonate with fans of industrial design. Those who are not averse to experimenting will also appreciate the original tie-down rings that once strapped down tons of precious military cargo and now can be used for mmm more creative endeavors! The bed frame is custom cut to accommodate the bed size of your choice and it also features a leather padded footboard with extra hooks. The C-124 Bed can be purchased from MotoArt for $15,000.

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airplane bed