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Looking for a lovely divan to complete your living room? How about the Boudoir Divan by Mantellassi 1926? It is a perfect centerpiece that makes a great style statement wherever it is placed. Unlike other divans, it is round in shape and can accommodate many people at once. This is comprised of four small sofas that are connected via their backs. The units have individual backrests but share armrests. A regal-like adornment is placed at the point where the armrests meet. It promises sensual comfort. Its elegance and finesse will add to the allure of your indoor décor.


designer sofa by Mantellassi 1926


Whether you like to sit or lounge, the luxury seat by Mantellassi 1926 will not disappoint. It has comfy backrests that hug you as you sit. Its curvy, wooden armrests will support your arms and enhance your level of comfort. Its legs recall a time gone by and will bring a dash of traditional style into your living room. You can use the divan as a cozy rest spot for relaxing or reading. You can also use it as a comfy nook or a quiet retreat.


luxury dressing rooms seating furniture


If you’re limited for space or simply looking for a piece that offers total relaxation, get this sofa. It doesn’t take up as much space as traditional furniture and allows your whole family to relax at once. It is perfect for large families who want to create individual comfort zones without consuming too much space. Apart from its unique style, what else do you like about the Boudoir Divan?