Flower Tower
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When it comes to lansdscaping a residential space, there are flower displays, and then there are FLOWER DISPLAYS. Surprisingly enough, it seems the latter are attainable even for those of us who don’t exactly have what one might call a ‘green thumb.’ Thanks to a few forward-thinking folks in the UK, the Flower Tower stands tall and proud in almost any outdoor area, quickly and evenly growing gorgeous blooms from all sides in — well, what ends up to be a tower of flowers, just as the name implies. Striking whether displayed on its own as an individual garden stand or in a group to form a wall or outdoor divider of sorts, the concept is as lovely as it is simple. With the rise in popularity of verdant vertical gardens in public spaces and herb walls on apartment balconies in metropolitan areas, it was only a matter of time before the suburbs came up with their own version of the grand green idea. Fantastic for flanking a front door or creating a floral oasis in a backyard, we wouldn’t be surprised if these little bastions of flower power were constantly selling out left and right.  We just might invest in them before the supply wilts under the winds of demand.


Introducing the Flower Tower


vertical flower garden


vertical planter


flower wall


Photo credits: Flower Tower