Some of the most luxurious homes out there are expensive yachts and we did show you at least a few representative yacht designs here on Furniture Fashion. But if yachts and boats come with the same luxury a mansion has to offer, why not get the same treatment from an airplane? Today we’re looking at the Avro Business Jet (ABJ) Elegante, a concept by Design Q and BAE Systems that envisions a luxurious flying experience. Unlike a yacht, which can offer shelter for longer periods of time, a Luxury Jet can’t fly forever, but while it’s in the air the ABJ will offer you the best treats money can buy. We’re looking at an impressive cabin that can offer plenty of privacy, a dining area, a private office/bedroom, a bathroom, a wardrobe, sofas, big-screen TVs, central communication center and power outlets for your gadgets. Anyone already tempted to order an ABJ Elegante?

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