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Wildly popular since last year in the fashion world, ombre is more a process than a pattern: it involves the repeated dipping of an object — normally a garment — into dye at slightly shorter intervals as the repetition continues, creating a notable gradient when all is said and done.  The trend has made the jump to home decor and furnishings, pushed chiefly by the DIY movement and officially carried over by a few progressive product and furniture designers who’ve been willing to experiment with color and technique.  Today’s roundup of ombre furniture features everything from a couch, desk and chest of drawers to a decorative chandelier and a gorgeous spindled bench.  Applicable to pretty much anything, this inspired look may not always be a product of the process, but it almost always begs conversation and adds a fresh pop of color to the living space in which it stands.

10 Pieces of Ombre Furniture


ombre furniture


ombre furniture


Bench from Anthropologie


Chair by Nine Red Design


Ombre Couch by Atelier Biagetti


Dresser via Norske Interior


Radiator by Wary Meyers Decorative Arts


Ombre-Inspired Plissee Sideboard by Anne Boenisch


Victor Chair by Gilles Nouailhac



Ombre desk found at Adaura.