As we enter an era in which sustainability is a very big deal, design is catching up with the consciousness that’s been preceding it for several generations.  A decade or two ago, it was nearly untenable to find green products of any sort that were even remotely aesthetically pleasing, but these days, a visual taste test between the extremes is a tough challenge to master.  Thankfully, taking care of the earth no longer means looking like we’ve just bathed in it.  On the contrary: some of the most cutting-edge design and architecture today is also some of the greenest.  We’ll raise a wheatgrass shot to that for sure, man.

wine hive
Recycled Aluminum WineHive by John Paulick


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eco friendly sofa
Bubble Club Sofa from Eco First Art



electric moss table
Electricity-Generating Biophotovoltaic Moss Table



garden in a bag
Garden-in-a-Bag by Potting Shed Creations



Hemingway bookshelf
Hemingway Bookshelf by LDK Design



rugs made from recycled bottles
Michelle Mason’s Recycled Bottles Rosseta Rug



green storage table
Mushiki Modular Storage Cabinet



glass terrarium
Recycled Glass Terrarium by Sprout



sustainable bamboo chairs
Sustainable Bamboo Chairs from Modern Bamboo



windowsill grow box
Windowsill Grow Box from Sprout



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