7 Furniture Ideas for Living Room Storage 1
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The living room is typically the cornerstone of a home’s design and often one of the most frequented rooms. I am always on the lookout for ideas on furniture that can serve as storage to keep the living room clutter free as much as possible. In most living room design pictures we see items such as sofas, sectionals, occasional chairs, end tables, and a place for the television. What we don’t typically see are good solutions for storage and organizing. I have included seven furniture ideas from the contemporary design collection from Sawaya and Moroni. Even if these are not to your tastes, the designs and shape of these pieces may give you ideas about what can work in your living room. You can always find one in the style that you seek once you see a shape that will fit your decorating style.
7 Furniture Ideas for Living Room Storage

living room furniture ideas
bladebig living room media storage
boris contemporary storage unit
cubobig organizing end table
OH-BABE contemporary Bookshelves
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