4 Easy Christmas Tree Storage Ideas

It may not be time to take down our Christmas tree just yet, but once the new year rings true, it’ll be time to pack up the lights and ornaments and store them all away for another 12 months. What does your Christmas storage look like? Do you have loads and loads of unkempt boxes tucked away in the basement? Or are you organized and labeled with all your plastic containers in the attic? And what exactly do you do with your Christmas tree? Take a quick look at some of these easy, Christmas tree storage ideas and see if you can use one of these simple solutions this year!

Tree Storage Box with Wheels

Easy Christmas Tree Storage Ideas

Grab this box from The Container Store to keep your artificial tree tucked away til next time. It comes with wheels for easy moving and makes for an easy base for stacking as well.  Just make sure you’re storing a smaller tree inside this box and not something that is 7 feet tall. You can snag some storage containers for your ornaments too, keep them organized and from breaking!


Extra-Large Christmas Tree Storage Bag

Large Christmas Tree Bag

Take a look at Improvements to snatch up this extra-large Christmas tree storage bag. This is perfect for those that aren’t concerned with the tree finding any bumps and bruises along the year-long wait to use it once again. It also holds larger trees, which is rare for most tree storage containers. This bag won’t snap any of the branches either with its softer finish.


TreeKeeper Storage Bag

Tree Keeper bag

If you’d rather not disassemble your tree and keep it upright, try the TreeKeeper bag from Lowe’s! Say goodbye to the hassel of hooking every single branch back into the base. Instead all you have to do is fluff the branches when Christmastime rolls around again! This is also a good idea depending on the space in which your storing it, in a corner of the basement or hidden on the covered back patio.


The Original Box

Christmas Tree in Original Box

You could always keep the original box your Christmas tree came in to store for next year. Be careful how you open it up in the first place and when all is said and done you can just slide the piece right back inside? We picked up a white tree from Walmart this year and we kept the box for safekeeping afterwards! Keeping the directions for the more complicated and trees is always a good idea as well.