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It’s no secret that improving the bathroom can help improve the value of your home and make it more desirable to potential buyers. In 19 Amazing Bathroom Designs and Accessories we hope to provide inspiration for that ever important room of the house. If you are like me, visuals, such as pictures, often help provide more ideas. The bathroom is one room of the house where there are so many products that we as consumers never see. A large challenge is the high cost for retailers to showcase their products in expensive showrooms. Now the web must provide other means of connecting people interested in designing or remodeling a bathroom, to information on products.
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Bathroom Design Contemporary

Beautiful Contemporary Bathroom
Ceramica Flaminia Bathrooms
The focus in this article is more contemporary bathroom accessories. One of the design trends today is more of a blending on contemporary and traditional decorating when it comes to bathrooms. Often it is the furniture or color combination which may give a bathroom its overall appearance as either traditional or contemporary. I continue to see “contemporary fixtures” going into traditional homes. The reasoning is that more technology seems to be going into showers, vanities, wash basins, and bathtubs in the contemporary decorative arena. So even if you have a very traditional home, consider what it may look like if you had a more contemporary shower cabin, wash basin, or bathtub for example. That extra accessory may not tilt the balance of your overall decorative scheme. Besides, why not enjoy the latest technology in your private bathroom space.
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picture source: Ceramica Flaminia